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Design Scheme

A design scheme for the Jockey Club Campus of Creativity (JC³), formulated in consultation with the University community and neighbouring stakeholders, was approved in June 2017 by the Council for the detailed design development of the JC³.

The Scheme

Conceived of as “a campus within a building”, the JC³ transforms the traditional university environment. The JC³ is a vertically configured mini-campus that integrates learning, living, dining and socialising spaces, optimising the development potential of a compact site.

The architectural design features of the JC³ include:

  • Four distinctive halls of residence in interlocking blocks atop an academic podium;
  • Stepped building heights to add visual interest, enhance air ventilation and provide roof terraces at various floors for student activities;
  • A large central courtyard to serve as an extension of the major circulation spine of the University;
  • Permeable design to improve natural ventilation across Baptist University Road Campus and the neighbourhood;
  • Building setback to improve the streetscape and natural ventilation along Renfrew Road;
  • Provision of greenery space along the frontage on Renfrew Road; and
  • Enhancement of fire services provision, structural efficiency and air ventilation and reduction of building bulk and site coverage.

The Way Forward

  • Communication with the University community and stakeholders is ongoing along the design development to further garner views and opinions on this project.
  • Superstructure works on the project site have commenced. According to the project programme, the project is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2024.

Aerial View

Outdoor Courtyard on 3/F

Coworking Space on G/F

Multipurpose Room & Pipe Organ Room on 2/F

White Box on B/F